Waterproofing & Industrial Flooring Systems

Waterproofing ĘC Through our on-site experience with various types of waterproofing materials from our local suppliers and manufacturers, Strontech has carefully selected the best waterproofing solution for our value customers by delivering them with a permanent solution.
We educated and trained our workforce to install different types of waterproofing systems and ensured a full proof system is achieved.

Shell Bukom & Jurong islands RC Flat Roofs >20,000m2
Schools & Polytechnic Roofs & Wet Areas >20,000m2
Industrial Buildings RC Flat Roofs >50,000m2
Religion Buildings Roofs & Wet Areas >20,000m2
Condominium Project Roofs & Wet Areas >50,000m2
Terraces projects Basement, Roofs & Wet Areas>80,000m2
Waterproofing Admixture >30,000m3

Industrial Flooring Systems

Strontech designed various systems and each and everyone has it uniqueness to suit different needs, wants and requirements from Industrial, Commercial and Residential segments.

Our Floor Systems are durable and provide answer with solution to endure tough environment. Such as, Warehouses, Factories, Productions, Laboratories, car parks, Hospitals and hangers.

Shell Bukom & Jurong islands Epoxy Coating >1,000m2
Schools & Polytechnic Epoxy Floor Coating >20,000m2
Industrial Buildings Self-leveling & EC >50,000m2
Religion Buildings Epoxy Floor Coating >10,000m2
Terraces projects Self-leveling & EC >10,000m2

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