STRONGARD - Epoxy System & Protective Lining

Strongard is marketed as the trade name for our products and formulated by STRONTECH.

Our Solution on Industrial Flooring Needs:-
Strongard ADP - Acrylic Dustproofer
Strongard Primer - Low Viscosity solvent based primer
Strongard ECw - Epoxy Coating water based
Strongard ECs - Epoxy Coating solvent based
Strongard ESL - Epoxy Self Leveling solvent free
Strongard ECsfHC - Epoxy Coating High Chemical Resistant
Strongard EC GF - Epoxy Coating Glass Flake
Strongard EC AS primer - A water dispersed epoxy conductive primer
Strongard EC AS - Epoxy Coating Anti-Static
Strongard ESL AS - Epoxy Self Leveling Anti-Static
Strongard PUC - Polyurethane Coating
Strongard PUSL - Polyurethane Self Leveling
Strongard PUS - Polyurethane Screed
Strongard MB - Epoxy Cementitious Moisture Barrier

Other related waterproofing systems:-
Elastomeric Liquid Applied Membrane
Cementitious Liquid Applied Membrane
Torch On Membrane
Self Adhesive Membrane
Concrete Admixtures

Other specialties :
PU grouting to leakage or seepages
Joint Sealants Application
Powerfloating with or without Non Metallic Hardener
Painting related to Epoxy Coating application


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